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Learn about Dr. Mario DiSaverio and the many benefits Vital Essence offers. Feel the tension melt away as your body self corrects...


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"I have come and gone (coast to coast) through years of experience with Dr. Mario and cannot recommend him highly enough. He has also addressed the needs of my mother and friends like no other provider. Sincere and skilled. In my mind he's a genius--creating his own style from building blocks of other established techniques. I appreciate his energetic approach that utilizes compressive tension release."

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Innovative products & Self Help - Become the catalyst for initiating your own healing.

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Healing with the rhythm of life!

  • Welcome to the new Vital Essence Blog! I am excited to have a new website and blog to¬†share information about healing and transformation. I am a chiropractor serving the Annapolis, Maryland area and beyond for over 18 years . After receiving a Bachelors in Science at Lebanon Valley College, I […]

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