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A Unique Chiropractor…

“My family and I have been clients of Mario’s since 2001. Mario’s approach to helping the body balance itself it subtle and sometimes you think he has not done anything. However, the more tension unwinds in your muscular skeletal system the more sensitive you become to the movement of energy in your body. Often the pain I have gone to see him for resolves by the next day and I forget I had it. My degree of comfort in my body has greatly improved with Mario’s help.

I used to have a lot of neck pain and muscle spasms but no more. One of the most memorable and treatments was when I took my son who had suffered a fairly severe concussion. He is blacking out and vomiting when we arrived at the office late on a Sunday evening. After working on him for an hour Mario helped his body resolve the trauma. By the next morning he was fine…..a remarkable recovery.” ~ Jean C.

Provides a unique and effective service, with warmth and professionalism…

“I’ve been seeing Dr. DiSaverio for several years now, with great results. The type of chiropractic care that he provides stimulates the body’s healing processes, so that you continue to improve between sessions. It’s as if he gives your spine the information it needs, and it then heals itself. You can feel the changes happening and your spine adjusting as you go about your life between sessions. I have significantly greater range of motion in my neck, with greater flexibility and far less discomfort than I did when I began.  I also had one shoulder riding higher than the other for decades; that situation has resolved itself over the last few months and they are now even.

I should add that I have never had frequent visits; I only went to see Mario when I felt I needed it, which was about every 4-6 weeks, and he never pressured me to do more. Some people may feel that they need an appointment more often, but I never did. And yet I’ve still seen continual improvement. The whole experience has been vastly superior to any that I’ve had with another chiropractor.” ~ Valerie N.

My back is fixed!  

“The treatment is wonderful. I had been seeing another chiropractor for years, and after a few visits with Mario, my back is better. Now, with a few appointments a year, voila! no back pain. Thanks, Mario!” ~ Judith N.

Gifted Healer…

“Mario is a very gifted healer, he does amazing work that takes effect quickly and lasts. I recommend him to others whenever I have a chance.” ~ Chitra 

Simply the Best!

“I have come and gone (coast to coast) through years of experience with Dr. Mario and cannot recommend him highly enough. He has also addressed the needs of my mother and friends like no other provider. Sincere and skilled. In my mind he’s a genius–creating his own style from building blocks of other established techniques. I appreciate his energetic approach that utilizes compressive tension release.” ~ Sue S.

Uncoventional and extremely effective treatment…

“Mario is a magician, or more accurately; our bodies are the magicians and he is just the curator of the body’s magic. The proof is in the results, and the results speak for themselves; and I am testament to the those results. I was a professional roofer, and after 20+years of abuse to my lower back I could barely move. The various things leading up to my atrocious back condition and eventual hospitalization included lifting heavy objects, bending over at weird angles for 8+ hrs a day, and sustaining many accidents which led to herniation of my L4/L5/S1 disks. After seeking ineffective medical relief with traditional snap-crackle-pop chiropractors; not to mention fearing the next visit because of the aggressive and mostly ineffective technique they employ, I decided to try Mario’s unconventional network chiropractic approach to spinal adjustment/realignment.

After the first visit, I immediately experienced relief from what was an otherwise debilitating condition. The rest is history, because after over 7+ years of treatment, Mario has actually trained my body to to adjust itself!!!!! Several years ago I moved out of state. However, when I return to the Annapolis area 1 – 2 times a year, I always schedule my visit around a visit to Mario for a spinal retuning. On at least 2 occasions, I made the trip back to the States specifically to have Mario work his magic. I highly recommend Mario and look forward to continue using his services in the future.” ~ James R.

Very professional…

“I have double sciatica, cervical spondylosis, basically my spine is a mess. Mario removes the tension created by the spinal compression, misalignment, bodily fused cervical vertebrae…pain is gone. When the tension is removed my body realigns itself almost instantly if not in a few hours. I’m mov’in! Mario listens and watches to verify one’s body alignment has improved from the time you arrive for your appointment and during the realignment process. Please know this…there is no crunching or cracking done here. Just gentle manipulation by touch. Mario is definitely not your traditional chiropractor. Network Spinal Analysis as well as Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique is a non-invasive chiropractic treatment. No drugs, no injections, no multiple injections,,,just a holistic approach to relief from back pain and vertebral compression.” ~ Virginia D.

After years and years of pain, I am finally able to say that most days I feel great!

“I have been to so many different chiropractors of the years since my car accident but always felt that I would have to go right back again and I was not making any progress as far as my pain levels. What I love about Vital Essence and Mario is that he is really helping you tune into the natural healing that you can do yourself. He isn’t forcing correction, but helping you to do it yourself. I can not say enough about him and the work he does. I will never go anywhere else. I take all my family to him too, right down to newborn babies. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” ~ Priscilla S.